Account Overview Analytics

Understand how your content is performing at the account level.

The Account Overview Analytics page is where you’ll be able to see aggregated analytics about how all of the content in your account is performing. Think of it as your media analytics, but all in one place, for your whole account!


The metrics on this page include:

  • Play Rate: Out of the number of people who loaded content on a web page, this percentage of people played it.
  • Unique Visitors: The number of distinct individuals who visited your content at least once within the selected date range.
  • Conversion Rate: Out of the number of people who saw a conversion opportunity (Lead Generation Tools) this percentage of people completed the desired action.
  • Total Plays: The total number of initial play button clicks in a session.
  • Top Media: The top played media in your account and the Plays, Play Rate, Unique Visitors, and Conversion Rate for each one.

All of this information can be filtered to a specific timeframe, including the last 7 days, 28 days, 30 days, 90 days, or a custom timeframe!

The Total Plays chart shows you all of the plays within the timeframe you have set. Hovering over each day will show you the total for that day.

Within the Top Media chart, you can sort by Plays, Play Rate, Unique Visitors, and Conversion Rate, to get a better understanding of which media are performing the best. If you’d like to look more in-depth at a specific media, clicking on the media title will bring you right to the media so you can review it in more detail.


If this page isn’t loading as expected, or something isn’t working properly here, head on over to our Status Page. We keep this page up to date, so if anything is down, we’ll let you know! You can also subscribe for updates.

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