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Better Together

This is a read-along book. Turn up your volume, press play at the top, read while you scroll so the fun doesn't stop.

"Better Together" book cover
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On a busy little street, in a busy little town, lived a camera named Cam who liked to goof around. She loved to take pictures and to shoot videos, too.

But, when her best friend moved out...she felt...well, a little blue.

Cam cries while looking at a photo of her old roommate

But it wasn’t long before a new roommate came along—a microphone named Mic, who was always humming a song. When it came down to it, they weren’t alike at all.

One was short and the other one was tall. Cam was flashy and left her room a little trashy. And Mic was neat but loved to groove to a loud, loud beat.

Before too long, their differences became too strong.

Mic whistles along to the record player that is sitting on top of moving boxes

Mic said, “This place is a mess! And I’m feeling super stressed.”

And Cam said, “Hey! Your record player’s in my way!”

They fought and they spat until both their faces fell flat. The two of them stormed off thinking, “At least I’m not THAT.”

Mic and Cam angrily look towards each other

As the weeks passed, things only got worse. In fact, when they spoke it was really quite terse. Their only common ground was to talk about the weather.

Would there ever be hope for these two different birds of a feather?

Mic and Cam glare at each other

Cam felt quite bored with her roommate who snored. She needed to bring some life into this apartment filled with strife.

So, Cam planned a party for Friday at 8:00. Mic would be upset, but Cam thought, “Too late!” They had a chance to be friends, but their differences were too many.

Only cameras were invited—and the total was 20!

A poster for Cam's party hangs on a wall

The flyers were posted. Mic found them and boasted, “Well, if there’s a party for Cam, then I think that’s a sham. I’ll invite a bunch of mics and show those cameras how to party right.”

Mic crossed out the cameras and added a mustache, too. But, then he paused and thought, “Would it be rude? To invite my own brood?”

Doubt pushed aside, a new flyer went outside. Microphones would be coming, Mic laughed at his own cunning.

A poster for Mic's party hangs on a wall

Finally, the week ended. It was Friday at 8:00. Cam began to worry, “Will my friends show up late?”

At long last, there was a knock at the door, but it wasn’t Cam the guest was there for. It was a...microphone? Cam thought, “This couldn’t be right!”

Mic came to greet his guest and Cam picked a fight. “You crossed out my flyer!”

Cam said, “Yeah! Well, you’re a big liar!” Mic’s face turned quite red.

Cam is surprised to find Mic's friend at the door, Mic waves to his friend at the door

Cameras and microphones were all streaming in. Mic and Cam pouted, but alas, the party begins.

The cameras and microphones were having a blast. With limbo and karaoke, the party was flying by...and fast! Mic and Cam wondered, were their friends having fun?

Could they look beyond their differences? Could their fighting just be done?

Mic and Cam glare at each other while wearing party hats.

Mic held up a record and Cam suddenly exclaimed, “Hey! I love that album. I’ve got the art framed.”

Mic couldn’t believe it, they actually agreed.

They laughed as they noticed their tension recede. They watched lots of videos. Their friends got along.

They joked and they chatted and grew a stronger bond.

Mic and Cam watch a video together. Cam says "I love this movie" Mic says "Me too! The soundtrack is great!"

As the party wound down, their friends drove off into town. And when it came time to clean up, Mic asked politely, “Hey, can you pass me that cup?”

They worked well together—the apartment looked spick and span. They played music and laughed.

A new friendship began.

Mic sweeps up music notes as Cam hands him a glass

When it comes to their differences, there sure are a lot. But, their differences aren’t really all that they’ve got.

They like movies and music and they’re both great at limbo. Cam’s a great dancer, and Mic sets the tempo.

So, now when Cam says to Mic, “Hey, how’s the weather?” It’s with no hard feelings.

They’re better together.

A record player is playing music, a photo of Cam and Mic together is on the wall surrounded by other photos
Wistia video player of Mic and CamWistia audio player with the Better Together album cover

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