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As a product leadership company, our customers rely on us to look at problems differently and solve them in ways that they had never conceived. Likewise, our brand and end-to-end customer experience are built on serving customers in creative and delightful ways.

We encourage consistent rethinking and reframing of our core problems in creative ways.

We encourage a proactive approach to solicit diverse perspectives in order to solve problems.

We discourage superficial creativity: doing something novel that doesn’t clearly benefit the business or reflects our values.

We discourage settling for “best practices” and “good enough” in places where we should be innovating.

Walking the Talk

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Investing in Creativity Isn’t Just a Money Problem

Want a more creative business? This is what it's going to take.

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Build a More Human Brand by Thinking Outside Your Style Guidelines

Make your business more dynamic and appealing by stepping outside the confines of your brand guidelines.

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Don’t Let Algorithms Crush Your Creativity

Challenge accepted. Turn your brand into a creative powerhouse by embracing the constraints of the algorithm.

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When making a decision at Wistia, all four of our values should be considered. We discourage assessing a decision through the lens of only a single value.

Donut you want to join our team?

Sweet! If these values resonate with you, we’re on the lookout for motivated, curious, and creative people who are super excited about transforming the way businesses use video to communicate.

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