Long-Term Company Thinking

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Our mission is to make business more human. This isn’t a mission that can be accomplished in a few years ; it’s something we’ll work on for many decades to come, which is why we care so much about long-term thinking and decision-making. Decisions and efforts that prioritize the long-term success of our company have an outsized impact on our individual careers, our culture, the financial health of our business, and ultimately our ability to achieve our mission.

We encourage putting the company’s needs above those of a team or individual.

We encourage actions that yield compounding benefits, even if short-term benefits are modest.

We encourage extra effort to make work more inclusive, fun, and engaging.

We encourage urgency and action-bias for compounding long-term benefits.

We encourage risk-taking in the service of outsized future returns.

We support employees in building long, happy, and fulfilling careers at Wistia.

We discourage shortcuts that are detrimental to the long term.

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When making a decision at Wistia, all four of our values should be considered. We discourage assessing a decision through the lens of only a single value.

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