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Product leadership demands an aspirational brand, and we take pride in holding ourselves to a high aesthetic standard. The experience of our customers is heightened by our relentless attention to detail: the typefaces we use on our website, the subtle animations in our products, the tone we use in our emails, and the focus we put on creating a remarkable customer experience.

We encourage extra effort to make things beautiful.

We encourage the creation of elegant customer experiences.

We encourage a clean and well-designed office space.

We discourage things that look good but lack substance.

Walking the Talk

Watch me, says Lenny

Two Thumbs Up for Wistia’s New Thumbnail Editor

You’ve worked really hard on your video. Now, get more viewers to watch it with Wistia's new Thumbnail Editor.

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The Soapbox user interface

How We Redesigned the Soapbox UI and Editing Experience to be More Intentional

Soapbox, our webcam and screen recording tool, just got a fresh coat of paint. Learn how we redesigned it with you in mind!

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Closeup of our custom embroidery

The Story Behind Our New Swag

Company swag is unoriginal and just plain boring. So we decided to do something about it.

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When making a decision at Wistia, all four of our values should be considered. We discourage assessing a decision through the lens of only a single value.

Donut you want to join our team?

Sweet! If these values resonate with you, we’re on the lookout for motivated, curious, and creative people who are super excited about transforming the way businesses use video to communicate.

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