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We strive for simplicity in all things: our product, our marketing, our processes, our business model, and our office space. It’s easy to layer on complexity, but achieving simplicity requires ruthless editing. The result is solutions that are beautiful in their efficiency and clarity, easier to understand wholly, easier to translate to different situations and scales, and easier to change later.

We encourage working hard to get to a simple solution, even if one doesn’t come to fruition.

We encourage projects that are well scoped.

We encourage those who prioritize simplicity for our customers above our own.

We discourage complicated solutions in product, design, and process.

We discourage artificial simplicity: things that appear simple but aren’t well-thought-out or holistically simple.

Walking the Talk

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Why We Bid Farewell to a Part of Our Company Culture

Social media manager, Jenny Mudarri, explains what went well, what went wrong, and how we plan to move forward in the future.

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How Wistia Grows by Taking the Time to Coast

Hear from our CEO and cofounder, Chris Savage, about how Wistia grew by keeping a slow and steady pace.

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Why Most Company Side Projects Are Destined to Fail

Chris Savage explains how our failed company side project, 50 Grove, set us up for future success.

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When making a decision at Wistia, all four of our values should be considered. We discourage assessing a decision through the lens of only a single value.

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Sweet! If these values resonate with you, we’re on the lookout for motivated, curious, and creative people who are super excited about transforming the way businesses use video to communicate.

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