3 Types of Videos Your Sales Team Needs

Add video into your sales process and bring the human touch back into your outreach efforts.

December 3, 2021

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Jenny Coppola


How often have you actually enjoyed a cold-call conversation?

Chances are, probably not all that frequently (unless you were just in a generous mood that day, which, hey, go you!). And while cold calls might be received marginally better than those robot telemarketers that always seem to find your phone number, more often than not, they both come across as impersonal and somewhat aggravating.

By adding video for sales into your existing processes, you can bring back that human touch into your outreach efforts and inspire prospects to take action. Whether you’re hoping to schedule a meeting to chat about your product or service or simply following up on a conversation you’ve already had with someone, using video in sales can increase engagement and leave your contacts with positive vibes.

Here at Wistia, our sales team uses video to communicate with their leads and prospects every day — with great results. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite types of sales videos, along with tips for how you can make them yourself!

We’ll start with answering an important question: How do you use video for sales?

How do you use video for sales?

Heads up! There are a few key guidelines to using video for sales:

  • Be succinct. Try to stick to 30 seconds or a minute max for most videos. For quick product-related content, keep it to three minutes or less. Video is highly effective at holding people’s attention, but people want to feel like they’re using their time efficiently, and long sales videos can make viewers feel impatient.
  • Keep it personal. The best sales videos make use of custom thumbnails on each video, stylize player buttons to match your brand’s colors, and are written to specifically address your potential customers.
  • Keep the conversation going. End your video with something actionable, like a Call to Action (CTA) or a form. Using Wistia, you can create clickable links and forms right in the video player. If you’re not on Wistia, don’t be afraid to urge the viewer to click beneath your content to keep moving along in their purchasing journey.

Now we’ll move on to three tried-and-true types of videos you can use for sales, complete with examples you can learn from.

1. The classic video voicemail

Our first example of a strong sales video proves that not all videos have to be substantial pieces of content or part of a series. Video voicemails are short, digestible pieces of content usually made on a one-off basis.

As a salesperson, you can easily establish your credibility by creating a video voicemail that provides value to your prospect or lead while also building trust.

Check out this example from Faris, a Solution Associate here at Wistia, who uses video voicemails not only to reach out to prospects but also to further inform customers about the value of our product.

Faris does a great job of showcasing how our Agency Partner Program can help this particular business achieve its goals with video. Putting this level of effort into an outreach email right from the beginning of the relationship conveys just how invested you and your business are in the prospect’s success.

“Putting this level of effort into an outreach email right from the beginning of the relationship conveys just how invested you and your business are in the prospect’s success.”

The best part: We’ve found that outreach emails with video voicemails have a significantly higher click-through rate than those without — 42% compared to just 10%!

In the end, creating a video voicemail ensures you’re introducing yourself to a new lead or customer in the friendliest, most authentic way possible.

Jot down a few key bullet points you want to touch on in your video and keep the list nearby, so you’re sure to cover all of your bases.

2. The delightful demo video

There’s no denying the power of a well-executed product video. When done right, it provides a bird’s eye view of your service in just a few short minutes, all while highlighting what makes your business so unique.

However, when it comes time to actually pitch your service to a prospect, one broad, all-encompassing marketing video won’t always do the trick. Customers may want to drill down into more detail than this type of video can provide — which is where more specific demo videos enter the scene.

Creating demo videos can be useful for sales professionals who work in the SaaS space, as selling a product that’s not physically tangible presents unique challenges. People often want to be able to test drive a product before committing to a plan, and if your service doesn’t operate on a freemium model, this can be a little tricky.

We’ve found that making targeted, one-off demo videos that answer a question or highlight a feature is an awesome tactic for engaging with leads in a personalized, helpful way. These are what we call “personalized demos” because you’re applying your product’s benefits and features to a potential customer’s uses. Unlike static presentations that demos sometimes devolve into, these answer the customer’s burning question: “How do I actually use this tool?”

After having some trouble getting a meeting on the books, Taylor, one of Wistia’s Sales Coaches, decided to create a video that answered a question a prospect posed in an earlier conversation.

In this two-minute video, Taylor shows exactly how you would add a lead capture form to a video with our HubSpot integration. Not only does the viewer walk away with a clear understanding of how this feature works, but they also can rest assured Taylor is there to help them with any other questions they may have.

Highly personal yet to the point, these videos are a must for anyone working in online sales.

3. The quick hand-off video

Go long! It’s time to pass off that lead. Whether you’re an account executive or a sales rep, at some point throughout the sales process, your lead will likely change hands. Creating a quick “handoff” video is an excellent way to make the transition go as smoothly as possible.

“Whether you’re an account executive or a sales rep, at some point throughout the sales process, your lead will likely change hands.”

Below, we have a short video from Katie and Fernando, members of the Wistia Sales team, recapping a call and closing the loop on a conversation.

For context, here’s what happened before the call:

  • Fernando made the initial contact with the prospect.
  • After Fernando’s call, Katie and Fernando held a second call together with the lead.
  • Then, they created this handoff video to thank the prospect for their time and establish Katie as their primary point of contact moving forward.

Clocking in at a mere 20 seconds, this short-and-sweet handoff video gets the message across in a direct yet distinct way. Katie also includes a CTA at the end prompting the viewer to schedule some time to talk through our HubSpot integration. Now that’s efficiency!

When applicable, remember to include a CTA at the end of your video to encourage further dialogue. Give the viewer a clear next step by offering an additional time to set up a meeting and chat.

Creating a sales video with Soapbox

Now that you know how to use video for sales and what types you could start with, how are you going to create yours?

Making your very own sales video might feel a little daunting if you’re not used to being on camera, but don’t panic. It’s important to always keep your end goal in mind, which is to establish credibility and trust with the viewer. That means you don’t have to get your take just right — they’ll understand you’re only human, just like them.

“It’s important to always keep your end goal in mind, which is to establish credibility and trust with the viewer.”

And while practice makes perfect, we always want you to be ahead of the game. Here are a few tips for recording your next sales video with our free Chrome extension, Soapbox, so that you can make your video the absolute best it can be:

  • Do a practice run-through of what you plan to say in your video before you actually record.
  • Try to find a quiet space like a conference room to minimize background noise.
  • Be sure to take a custom photo for your video thumbnail image.
  • Include a CTA link at the end of your video so folks know where they can reach you.
  • Trim the beginning and end of your video for a more polished and precise look.
  • Customize your player color to match your brand.

Give these tips a whirl the next time you send out a video voicemail, demo, or hand-off video, and then watch those positive responses trickle in!

Set sail on your video voyage

When customers can put faces to names at your company, they’ll feel more connected to you. It’s much easier to strengthen your relationship with customers and prospects from this foundation.

Video for sales gives you an audible and visible presence in your customer’s life, which is crucial to building a relationship with your prospects. After all, people aren’t just simply buying products any longer — they’re buying into your team, your culture, and you! So get out there and start delighting those leads with video.

December 3, 2021

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Jenny Coppola


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